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Wellbeing - the Heart of Your Business

A business or organisation’s health is dependent on the wellbeing of the individuals it employs.

By providing practical strategies that bridge the gap between business and life, with special attention to workers with chronic conditions and their employability,  I help employees balance their work, health and wellbeing, enabling organisations and businesses create a positive, supportive and productive workplace.

Tailor made Employee  Assistance Programmes (EAPs) include:
one-on-one counselling
return to work support
stress management
managing chronic illness and pain

Usually initial contact takes place with HR or the appointed Wellbeing lead if the organisation has one. Discussions then take place to assess the services needed and how I can meet these.
Areas of focus may inlcude:

• Sustainable employability with chronic illness • Dealing with change
• Managing chronic pain • Managing stress
• Performance and return to work support • Cross-cultural working
• General health and wellbeing • Building resilience
• Dealing with challenging (work) relationships  

I provide all relevant materials for counselling, coaching and courses. These can be adapted to your specific company needs as required.

A quote will be provided and dates for the services to be provided agreed. Consultancy arrangements are agreed on a case by case basis.

Coach-Client Confidentiality
All services offered when supported by a business or organisation, the “Sponsor” has a stake and a role in the goals and outcomes established between Coach and Client, but agrees in advance to respect the confidentiality of the coaching/counselling relationship.


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