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Stress-Care Counselling offers a wide range of services designed to meet the personal  and work-related needs of people across europe and worldwide, helping them live, work and feel better.  

Counsellor & Mindfulness trainer
I'm a certified counsellor and Mindfulness trainer, specialised in supporting individuals both personally and profesisonally struggling with (work)stress, burnout, anxiety and depression relapse.

Stress-Care for Individuals & Businesses 
The services I offer consist of different customised and practice orientated Stress-Care Programmes combined with an e-Health platform , for both personal and professional goals.  

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety?
  • Are you dealing with a burnout and in need of recovery support?
  • Are you looking for a structured hands on return-to-work plan for your employees?
  • Are you living and working with chronic-health issues?
  • Does living as an expat confront you with various challenges?
  • Are you looking for a healthier work-life balance?

Don't let stress and anxiety control your life. By learning supportive skills and developing healthy strategies, I can help you manage challenging work issues and life events, find a sense of calm and thrive, living a more fulfilling life.  

In addition, as an experienced autism coach , I can help you reduce (work)stress, recover from autistic burnout and manage anxiety.  By using a 7-step-toolkit customised to your unique needs, you can learn step-by-step how to address your stressors, relax and improve your well-being.  

Introductory meeting
Would you first like to know more about my background and approach?
Feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting, without any obligation and free of charge.

Online and Face-to-Face
Sessions are available online and face-to-face (based upon your location in France) to individuals and businesses worldwide. 

No referral, no waiting list
No referral is needed and there is no long waiting list. Your first appointment can take place within approximately a week or two. 

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This site was last modified on 15/01/2024 at 15:37.