Carucha Schwencke - Den Haag, psychosociale therapie, mindfulness en coaching

During the Coronacrisis I continue offering counselling and coaching.
I do this through video calls and online programmes.

Feel free to make an e-Health appointment. Easy to use, just as effective and GDPR-proof.
In this way you can start or continue your sessions safely during these challenging times.

Stress-Care Counselling

I offer counselling, coaching and mindfulness to English-speaking individuals, couples and adolescents from all cultures and walks of life.

Stress-Care Programmes
I'm specialised in dealing with work-stress and burnout, managing anxiety as well as recovery support from depression.

Living as an expat
In addition I support members of the international community find solutions to the challenges of living abroad. Growing up abroad myself, I'm fully aware of the hardshsips that may arise from expat life, such as:

• Cultural displacement and adaption  • Loneliness and isolation
• Recurring relocation • Working in a multicultural environment        
• Dislocation from family and friends • Relationship and parenting problems

Introductory meeting
Would you first like to know more about my background and approach ? An introductory meeting is offered free of charge. This session offers you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your expectations of a probable counselling or mindfulness programme.

No referral, no waiting list
No referral is needed and there is no long waiting list. Your first appointment can take place within approximately a week.

Feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting without any obligation.



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This site was last modified on 26/05/2020 at 17:57.