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Counselling and coaching during Covid-19

In light of Covid-19 I have moved all counselling and coaching sessions to a safe GDPR-proof online platform to adhere to the government guidelines for mental healthcare professionals around video calls and e-Health programmes .

For updates and guidelines in the Netherlands please check on and

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or isolation in the current climate I am still able to offer my services .

These can be one off sessions or ongoing - please contact me if you would like more details.

To ensure continuation of care for all clients, I have taken the following measures:

  • The practice remains open from Monday up till Thursday.
  • Individual sessions will continue via phone/ video call and e-Health programmes.
  • I use a GDPR-proof and safe online platform.
  • Terms and conditions during Covid-19 remain unchanged:
    - an appointment can only be rescheduled or cancelled by telephone;
    - appointments that are not cancelled on time (min. 48 hours) will be charged;
    - payment by invoice and must be made within 14 days after date.

Video calls & e-Health programmes

In addition to video calls, I offer various e-Health programmes through an accessible online platform.

E-Health online offers you the oportunity to work independently along side your counselling sessions.

E-Health programmes consist of information and examples, combined with videos, animations and exercises enabling you to work on your recovery in your own surroundings.

They are particularly helpful in managing anxiety and worry , coping with stress, burnout and depression .


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This site was last modified on 31/12/2020 at 12:21.