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Fees 2024

As a micro-enterprise registered in France with numéro
SIREN 903 763 159, ( URSSAF ), I am not liable for VAT.

No VAT is charged on the rates for my services, neither to
private individuals nor to companies and entrepreneurs.  

All counselling takes place online by means of video calling
via a GDPR-proof video connection .

An introductory meeting is without any obligation and free of charge.

Fees private individual sessions   
 - intake   € 65,00
 - individual 60 minute sessions € 85,00
 - individual 90 minute sessions  €105,00
 - psycho-educational material  € 55,00
Fees business and companies as per quotation                                                 






Payment and appointment cancellation

- Payment is due within 14 days from date of invoice.
- Negotiable fees for students and people on low income and/or benefit.
- A 48 hour notice is required to avoid full session fee payment.

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This site was last modified on 15/01/2024 at 15:37.