Carucha Schwencke - Den Haag, psychosociale therapie, mindfulness en coaching

Mindfulness Course
30th Sept. - 25th Nov.





Accredited  and registered Counselling & Mindfulness.

Covered by supplementary Health Insurance Policy.



I offer counselling, coaching and mindfulness to English-speaking individuals, couples and adolescents from all cultures and walks of life, to explore their work-life issues enabling them once more to flourish: at work, within their family and social life.

Stress-Care Programmes
I'm speciliased in areas such as workstress, burnout, general anxiety, depression and living-working with with a chronic health condition.

Reasons why people seek counselling are varied. Some find counselling useful when they want to deal with a specific problem. Others use counselling as a way to find a more rewarding and fulfilling way of life or better manage an ongoing condition. I offer services for a range of issues including:

Workplace issues
• Stress management, burn-out
• Short- and long-term absence
• Return to work support
• Bullying, job dissatisfaction
• Redundancy and retirement
• Living-working with chronic health issues

Life as an expat
• Cultural awareness
• Recurring relocation                                                  
• Homesickness
• Working in a multicultural environment
• Third Culture Kids & Adults

Personal issues
• Sadness, feelings of isolation
• Fear, guilt, anger
• Loss of confidence, low self-esteem
• Depression and general anxiety
• Marriage guidance
• Mid Life Crisis
• Traumatic, life changing events
• Worrying, insomnia

No referral, no waiting list
You may be new to counselling. I offer a first consultation free of charge; no referral is needed. In this session you can find out more about my approach and discuss your expectations of counselling.

To take the first step, please contact me to arrange an initial meeting.
As there is no waiting list your first consultation can take place within approximately a week.

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