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Mindfulness Course
8th Apr. - 3rd June





Stress-Care Counselling

I offer counselling, coaching and mindfulness to English-speaking individuals, couples and adolescents from all cultures and walks of life.

Living as an expat
As a counsellor I support members of the international community find solutions to the challenges of living abroad.

I am fully aware, growing up abroad, frequently relocated with parents both from another culture, of the hardshsips that may arise from the complex aspects of expat life, such as:

• Cultural displacement and adaption
• Recurring relocation and dislocation from family   
• Relationship and parenting problems
• Loneliness and isolation
• Working in a multicultural environment                        

Stress-Care Programmes
I'm specialised in work-related stress, burnout, general anxiety and panic attacks, depression and living-working with an upsetting physical health condition.

Areas of focus include general wellbeing, building resilience, dealing with difficult emotions,
life events and challenging (work)relationships.

No referral, no waiting list
A first consultation is offered free of charge; no referral is needed. In this session you can find out more about my approach and discuss your expectations of counselling and mindfulness.

To take the first step, please contact me to arrange an initial meeting.
There is no long waiting list, your first consultation can take place within approximately two weeks.

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