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Carucha Schwencke 

Carucha (1957) works as a self-employed professional counsellor, coach and certified Mindfulness teacher providing both general and specially tailored services for expatriates and repatriates. 

She offers support services to English speaking individuals, couples and adolescents. She also provides programmes for companies and businesses either in a private or in-company setting.

She knows first-hand about the joys and challenges of being an expatriate child and teenager, and later an 'Adult Third Culture Kid'.

Colourful upbringing
With a Dutch-Cuban background Carucha has enjoyed a colourful, vibrant and open minded upbringing, savouring the best of both worlds. Having lived in Canada, England and Scotland during the main part of her childhood, she is fully aware of the occurring challenges whilst frequently being uprooted, moving to a different country and culture, having to adjust to the differences of language, mentality and customs, even if it’s just across the border!  She still remembers the culture shock she experienced when finally moving back to the Netherlands that was supposed to feel as ‘home’.

Living life fully
Later on in life Carucha was originally drawn to mindfulness in search of a suited work-life balance whilst experiencing chronic pain and fatigue. Through years of practice she has discovered mindfulness not just a way to reduce these symptoms, but also a rich basis for living life fully. She believes wholeheartedly that mindfulness is an invaluable resource for people leading active and busy lives and is interested in finding ways to integrate mindfulness into day to day life in a secular world.

Contemplative approach
Her friendly non-judgemental, integrative and contemplative approach, combining Western counselling skills with mindfulness techniques, enables you to be fully aware of your thoughts and feelings, finding clarity and resolution. She works at your pace, whilst supporting you through change to make the choices suited to the life you live and lead allowing you to flourish once more at work, within your family and social life.

As a mindfulness teacher she followed extensive training at the Institute for Mindfulness in the Netherlands by international acclaimed teachers such as Professor Mark Williams and Rebecca Crane ( Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, UK).

She followed a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Training programme for supporting people dealing with chronic pain and long-term (physical) health conditions.

She furthermore completed the two year training programme, with a focus in contemplative psychotherapy, at the Five Wisdoms Institute, founded by Irini Rockwell MA, former faculty member at Naropa University, Boulder Colorado.

Meditation experience
Over the past  two decades Carucha has studied and practiced under the guidance of many great Tibetan Buddhist teachers during which she spent nearly 4 months in retreat on Holy Island off the west coast of Scotland. She continually follows short and long-term study and meditation retreats to deepen her personal practice.

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