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Carucha Schwencke 

Colourful upbringing
Having Dutch-Cuban roots I've enjoyed a colourful, vibrant and open minded upbringing, exposed to a variety of cultural influences, savouring the best of both worlds.

I fully understand from first-hand experience the joys and challenges of growing up abroad, frequently being uprooted, having to adjust to the differences of language, mindset and customs. 

Career switch & living and working in rural France
After years of working in the business world, followed by a career switch to HR in the arts-educational sector, I finally moved from a busy private practice in The Hague to living and working in France.

Sessions are available  online and face-to-face (based upon your location in France) to individuals and businesses worldwide in once more a private setting in the French countryside. 

Integrative approach
This approach underlines the uniqueness of each individual and encourages the client to achieve a state of wholeness in which they can flourish to their fullest potential.

Just as the mind houses our spirit and motivation to function, the body holds our physical health and ability to function. Upholding these values I incorporate different schools of thought with a focus in contemplative psychotherapy, combining classic therapeutic counselling skills with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. In addtion I work with the humanistic, person-centred and solution focused approaches.

Ongoing training
In order to keep my counselling skills and professional development fresh I attend regular supervision and training courses, ensuring my counselling services and offered programmes are up-to-date.

Meditation experience
Over the past three decades I've studied and practiced under the guidance of many great Tibetan Buddhist teachers during which I spent 4 months in retreat on Holy Island off Scotland's west coast.

Aimed at the study and practice of Shamatha/Vipashyana/Mahamoedra I completed a three-year meditation programme at the Kagyu Yeunten Gyamtso Ling study and retreat centre in Belgium.

Up until 2021 I held a board position within the Sakya Thegchen Ling Foundation in The Hague.



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