Carucha Schwencke - Den Haag, psychosociale therapie, mindfulness en coaching



• Counselling - Academie Integrale Menswetenschappen (Psychosocial Studies) SPSO
• Contemplative Psychotherapy -  Five Wisdoms Institute
• Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Category 1. Trainer - Instituut for Mindfulness
• Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher - Breathworks UK

Accreditaiton / Registration
Psychosocial Counsellors, Therapists & Trainers Association (LVPW)
• Complementary Healthcare Therapist (RBCZ)
• Dutch and Belgium Mindfulness Teachers Association (VMBN)
• Breathworks UK ( Mindfulness Teacher Training)

Code of Practice and Ethics
• The LVPW and RBCZ Code of Practice & Ethics.
• The VMBN and Breathworks Professional Mindfulness Teacher Guidelines.
• The SCAG (a government accredited complaint commission).

Carucha has a professional understanding of psychopathology and is familiar with the DSM-V personality disorder criteria. When coming across serious mental problems she will refer to an appropriate mental health specialist, institute or agency.

Additional schooling and CV
Carucha engages in an on-going process of counselling and Mindfulness teacher training supervision and keeps her therapeutic skills and approach fresh and up-to-date through continuing professional development courses. Read her CV here.

Meditation teacher
Simple basics of meditation: read more about her secular, contemporary, accessible meditation programmes for all levels of experience @ Mediteren-in-eenvoud


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