Carucha Schwencke - Den Haag, psychosociale therapie, mindfulness en coaching




Well-Mind, Well-Body, Well-Being

  • Counselling exploring personal issues, enabling to make
    decisions and choices regarding growth and ways forward.
  • Mindfulness group courses managing stress leading busy (working) lives. VMBN-category 1 accredited
  • Stress-Care for Health living and working well with a
    chronic health condition and as a support to illness recovery.
    Individual counselling programme.
  • Back on Track Stress-Care managing work-stress and anxiety
    as well as recovery support from burn-out and depression. 
  • Business Stress-Care tailor-made one-to-one employee counselling programmes
    and group courses.
  • Fees provides information about pricing, method and conditions of payment, and possible compensation from insurer and employer.

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This site was last modified on 07/01/2019 at 09:41.