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Back on Track Stress-Care

Managing work-stress and anxiety, recovery support from burn-out and depression.

This specific structured programme has a unique role as a support service in that the agenda is totally yours, and as a counsellor helping you to achieve your aims, drawing on your own resources on the road to recovery.

• In need of support whilst recovering from a burn-out or depression?

• Feeling insecure, overwhelmed or anxious?

• Do you frequently call in sick due to work overload?
• Company's doctor or GP feels your complaints are workstress related?

• Being made redundant?
• Feeling stuck, in a rut or feeling bullied?

Promoting wellbeing and improving performance
Taking personality, values, experiences and aspirations into account, I offer one-to-one confidential counselling and coaching to develop skills and techniques, enabling each client to take away a set of resources that they can draw on whenever they need them in future work-life situations they encounter. 

Breathworks Stress-Care: managing pain, illness or stress
I offer a Breathworks Stress-Care individual counselling programme for people with chronic pain or other long-term (physical) health conditions.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
I run an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction group programme for those dealing with (work)stress.

At the end the Stress-Care programmes clients are fully equipped with specific tools to integrate the aquired skills and supportive behaviour both at work and outside the office.

In How Practising Mindfulness in the Workplace can Boost Productivity you can read about the benefits of Mindulness for employers and employees alike.

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This site was last modified on 07/01/2019 at 09:41.