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Counselling and Personal Development

As your counsellor I can guide you to a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and challenges, supporting you to move in the direction you would prefer enhacing your quality of life.

Expressing whatever is in your mind, feelings, thoughts, wishes and fears enables you to find more appropriate ways of coping with difficulties, bringing about changes in your thinking, feeling and behaviour.

The counselling support I offer can help you cope with:
• Life changing events
• Bereavement and loss
• Relationship guidance
• Difficult emotions – for example anger, guilt, sadness
• Loss of confidence, low self-esteem
• Worrying, insomnia

 Powerful personal growth is caused by experiencing new, unique things, or learning new ideas:
- Changing your mindset and becoming more positive
- Letting go of the past
- Becoming more resilient
- Ignoring your limitations
- Making better decisions
- Learning to control anger
- Learning to overcome procrastination
- Becoming more proactive
- Increasing your willpower

By creating an environment for you in which you can slow down, take time to discuss the issues that matter the most, will support you to develop positive life skills and  realistic and healthy self-esteem.

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This site was last modified on 28/06/2019 at 09:06.