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Coverage & Restitution 2019

Accredited and certified LVPW and VMBN Membership
Most health-care insurers recognise  LVPW and/or RBCZ registered members as appropriately qualified practioners who work at recognised standards of professional competence. Accreditation also assures the client that the counsellor will work within an agreed ethical framework and code of practice. This also applies to VMBN certified Mindfulness teachers.

Counselling (Psychosociale therapie) services are covered by these below listed health-care insurers if you have a supplementary health insurance policy. The amount covered differs from insurer to insurer and according to the choice of your supplementary health-care plan.

Please check here for listed health-care insurers and specific coverage and restitutions.

After each session you will receive an invoice directly payable to your counsellor and if the expenses are covered by your supplementary health insurance policy, then you can claim these expenses from them.

Mindfulness & Burn-out
Health-care insurers VGZ, Univé, Umcz, IZA Gezond Samen and  IZA refund € 350,- on an 8-week Mindfulness-course (MBSR or MBCT). Requirements are:

-  referral from your General Practitioner or Company Doctor
-  having a supplementary health-care plan
-  course given by a category 1 VMBN certified teacher

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This site was last modified on 28/06/2019 at 09:06.