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 Stress-Care for Health

Mindfulness approach to living and working well with chronic pain, illness and fatigue

A chronic illness can affect both your personal life and work. You may feel tired more quickly, or when in pain, need a longer recovery time after exertion. However, a chronic illness doesn't have to be an obstacle.

Stress-Care for Health programmes
These tailor made programmes focus on recovery and return-to-work support when dealing with persistent pain or other long-term physical health conditions such as: 

• back pain                                 • cancer
• arthritis, fybromyalgia • nerve disorder
• lyme disease, fatigue • post-operative pain
• MS, Parkinson's disease  



►Breath-based Mindfulness approach
Attentive to the breath you learn to relax and use what is appropriate in the moment, with an supportive eye for the possibilities and limitations.

Caring frame of mind
By developing a caring frame of mind you will learn to experience how to emotionally soften the resistance to illness and pain.

While the condition may remain just as intensely unpleasant, it can then be held within a bigger container of awareness: with kindness and acceptance rather than harsh rejection and resistance.

Movement and activity-pacing
Gentle movement based on yoga and pilates, together with the help of an activity diary, will bring a more paced approach to your daily activities.

This helps you to steer away from the viscious circle of booming and busting, eventually enhacing your quality of life, such as: 

• stress reduction • mood improvement - especially depression and anxiety
• weight controle • turning down the 'pain volume' button
• improved immune function • less catastrophising and negative thinking
• regulated sleep patterns • keeping you active and capable of doing what you want to do

Familair with mindfulness and yoga is not necessary
The only pre-requisite is the willingness and commitment to engage fully, which will involve practice between sessions for about 30 to 45 minutes a day.

Questions and information
The list above is not exhaustive. You can always contact me for information and with your questions, and if you wish to scheulde an intial meeting free of charge.

Stress-Care for Business
Business and in-company customised programmes, such as recovery and return-to-work support after chronic illness, are listed on the Stress-Care for Buisness page.


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