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Stress-Care for Health

Living and working well with chronic pain, illness and fatigue.

The one-to-one Stress-Care for Health counselling programme focuses on experiencing the natural movement of the breath when dealing with persistent pain or other long-term (physical) health conditions such as:

• back pain, muscle tension • cancer
• arthritis, fybromyalgia • nervous disorders
• Lyme disease, fatigue • MS, Parkinson's disease
• post-operative pain • recovery support after sickness

Mindful of breathing as a meditation practice helps develop awareness of ourselves in greater detail, teaching us how to breathe into the present moment, managing pain and illness, and finding choice.

Cultivating kindliness towards yourself, forms the heart of the Stress-Care for Health Programme.The condition may remain just as intensely unpleasant, but it is held within a bigger container of awareness, with kindness and acceptance rather than harsh rejection and  resistance.

Gentle Movement based on yoga and pilates, to suit people suffering from a wide range of physical conditions, together with Awareness of Daily Life, bringing a more balanced approach to the activities of daily life, complete this individual counselling programme.

Stress-Care for Health programme is open to all on a self-referral basis whatever your (physical) health condition. Familair with yoga and meditation is not necessary. The only pre-requisite is the willingness and commitment to engage fully, which will involve practice at home between sessions for about 30 to 45 minutes a day.

Please contact me for information and if you wish to scheulde an intial meeting free of charge.

Breathworks is based on the experience of Vidyamala Burch who sustained a severe spinal injury in 1976. Her two books Living Well with Pain and Illness and Mindfulness for Health form the 'backbone' of the Breathworks approach to pain and illness.

The Stress-Care for Health programme is offered by an experienced teacher.

For in-company customised Counselling and Stress-Care programmes please use the contact form.

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